Friday, 22 November 2013

Environ Cool Peel

I am pleased to announce that we have now started offering Environ Cool peels at La Belle. These peels are parallel to none in the beauty industry for safeness and effectiveness. Using Lactic acid, Environ cool peels are far less aggressive then other peels on the market and as lactic acid is already found naturally in the body there is a very low risk of an allergic reaction.

Other peels on the market including glycolic peels are made of very small molecules and work their way very quickly into the skin, this disrupts the skins natural barrier and water will easily be lost and environmental toxins can enter the skin more easily. Often with these aggressive types of peels the skin is left red, sore, itchy and swollen with clients having to go into hibernation after the treatment!

Dr Des Fenandes the doctor behind Environ believes in light, repetitive peels instead of one or two heavy aggressive peels that will cause more damage than good to the skin.

 There is no redness and no recovery time with the Environ cool peel, so this treatment can easily be done during a lunch break and you could be back at your desk within an hour and no one would know that you have just had a skin peel!

Environ cool peels are made of slightly larger molecules hence slower penetration into the skin, plus it’s in a cream formula so we can easily control where we are applying the lactic acid making it more easy to treat areas such as underneath the eyes.

Environ peels remove the excess top layer of the skin whilst maintaining the water-proofing barrier qualities of the skin. These peels stimulate growth factors which boosts the collagen and elastin production in the skin as well as helping strengthen blood vessels which means these peels are effective for anyone suffering from broken capillaries.

 These peels are especially effective at treating scarring, rough textured, sun damage, acne and rosacea.

Clients have to use Environs AVST 1 for at least 3 weeks prior to the treatment to ensure your skin has all the vitamins and antioxidants it needs. A course of 6 peels is recommended for best results as well as the LACM home peel kit.

Single Peel - £60

Course of 6 Peels including the LACM Home Peel Kit - £350

This picture Of Samanatha from Sex and the City is how NOT to have a skin peel!

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