Monday, 16 March 2015

What is Environ and is it right for me?

What is Environ and is it right for me?

Finding the right facial treatment and products can be a daunting task as there are so many available on the market these days. At La Belle, we carry out a full complementary skin consultation using our vast experience to advise you on which skincare programme is right for you and your skin.

What is Environ?
Environ was created in South Africa by plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes who established his range after seeing two of his patients die from melanomas before the age of 23. Dr Des began studying the mechanisms of skin cancer which provided him with a wealth of knowledge about the powerful effects of Vitamins and anti-oxidants on the skin. He created a brilliant range with a focus on using quality Vitamin A and other active ingredients to protect, nourish and maintain a healthy skin to help improve the appearance of lines, sun-damage, problem skin, uneven skin tone and dryness.

Why Environ?
At La Belle, we offer a wide range of Environ Advanced Vitamin Facials which are performed by our highly trained and experienced team of therapists. These scientifically proven facials are suitable for all skin types and are particularly effective at addressing premature ageing, pigmentation and scarring with noticeable effects after just one session.

After an initial skin assessment, vitamins and anti-oxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using sound waves and small electrical pulses which stimulates collagen to plump and firm the skin.

Our range of treatments available include:
  • o   Advanced Anti-Ageing Vitamin Treatment
  • o   Active Vitamin Treatment
  • o   Hydraboost Treatment
  • o   Environ Cool Peel

We also have wide range of Environ products available which have been recommended and endorsed by the International Institute of Anti-Ageing (IIAA) and are not available to purchase over a beauty counter or online.

Environ treatments and products are highly recommended to combat the effects of sun exposure (sun damage takes 15 years to surface!) but they are also very effective in supporting our skin through the cold winter months which can play havoc with our skin.

Winter light can still cause damage, so it’s important to apply a daily sunscreen in cold weather. Indoor heating systems, cold air and windburn can easily dehydrate the skin as well causing it to become dry and flaky. Drinking plenty of water can counteract this and dissolving dead skin cells with a cosmeceutical exfoliant, such as Environ’s moisturising toner, is better than using rough scrubs.

We hope that this insight into Environ has given you a better understanding of the treatments and products available and the amazing benefits for your complexion. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Just click here to visit our website or pop into the salon on Brighton Road, Worthing to have a chat with us in more detail. We would be delighted to get you booked in for your complementary skin consultation and begin your journey to amazing skin!

By Louise Stevenson- Tiger Marketing

Aromatherapy Associates- The Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage

My first pregnancy and first pregnancy massage experience 

I am 8 months pregnant with my first baby – 37 weeks and 2 days today.  
I have been very lucky with my pregnancy and haven’t had any sickness or any real problems – I have actually really loved being pregnant.   

As my due date draws closer and my excitement is forever growing (not to mention a few nerves), I am also finding my back and hips are really aching and I have days where my feet, legs and even hands look more like my husbands than my own. 

So I decided to treat myself to a pregnancy massage at La Belle, the beauty boutique in Worthing, West Sussex. From the moment I arrived I felt relaxed and pampered. I was lead through to my private massage room where Kayla my beautiful beautician explained how the next hour of my life would proceed.   

I filled out a card with my personal information (health and safety elements covered, which all good salons should do) and was given another card to tick the boxes of how I was feeling that day. I thought this was great idea as it really makes you think about your body, your mind and various symptoms so the beautician can truly help you 

It was then time to choose which oils would be used on meI was told about Aromatherapy Associates, a British brand that offers bath, body and skincare products and focuses on natural healing powers. You can choose between three types and I settled on the Rose scent (which was also recommended as the best for my skin type). 

was given privacy to undress and laid down on my left side on lovely warm bed. There was a large, half-moon shaped pillow that I tucked under my huge bump for support and in-between my legs and pulled the thick cover over me. Laying there, listening to the relaxing music, snuggled cozily in bed, in a low lit room I thought I hope I don’t fall asleep before the massage starts!” 

moment later, a soft knock at the door to check that I was ready was the start of a fantastic hour-long pampering session. Kayla started on my back and covered my neck and shoulders and after some time asked me to turn onto my back. She altered the bed position so I was half sitting up and propped up my lower legs with a bundle of soft towels.  

I asked what the difference was between a pregnancy massage and a normal one and was told it is mainly just a few adaptations to a normal massage so it suits your body and you don’t feel like you have missed out. The pressure they apply is softer on your lower back as your ligaments and joints soften from the hormone called relaxin 

I was asked if I wanted my bump massaged but declined as I think its too personal and I don’t see what benefit it would really offer me (other than possibly helping with stretch marks which I have been fanatical about and have been using oil day and night anyway – not that its stopped them from appearing) but I know friends who have said yes and liked it, its just down to personal preference. (By the way, if you choose to refuse there is no issue at all, so don’t worry about saying no thank you.)  

Kayla started massaging my shoulders, neck and arms. Then went on to do my legs (which were much needed as I’m carrying a lot of water retention there) and then came back up to the top of my body and gave me a wonderful facial. My makeup (except eye makeup) was removed with a toner and cleanser, and then a face pack was applied and massaged into the skin. That was removed with a warm cloth and then oil was massaged into my face and then into my scalp. Head massages are one of my all time favourite things and this was just heaven – especially as I hadn’t initially realised this was part of the package.  

At one point I was so relaxed I fell asleep and to my embarrassment woke myself up snoring! Another glamorous side effect from pregnancy!! Kayla pretended not to notice and continued working her magic (a sign of a true professional!)  

A quick tip – if you have a fringe, as I do and are happy for the massage oil to go through your hair and scalpthen bring a hairclip to clip your fringe off your face afterwards to save you looking like you haven’t washed your hair for several weeks.  

The massage really focuses on your inner self as well as tension in your body. They focus on releasing knots through your pressure points and encourage you to breath deeply and work on your body on an outward breathIt was wonderfully relaxing but more importantly I felt it helped release stiffness in my muscles that had built up from carrying my wonderful Cub (our nickname for the baby).  

I would definitely recommend a good pampering session to any other pregnant ladies or Cub-carriers as my hubby refers to me. It’s a special time where we all seem to be running around finishing all the little things off, so ladies, take some time out and look after yourselfAs L’Oreal says – because you’re worth it!

By Louise Stevenson- Tiger Marketing

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lash Perfect Russian Layering!

We are excited to now be offering Lash Perfect Russian Layering technique at La Belle!

Russian layering technique also known as Russian Lashes, 3D or 6D Lashes originated in Russia and has recently made a breakthrough in the US and Europe.

The technique involves applying multiple fine lashes onto one eyelash as oppose to the traditional eyelash extensions technique where you can only apply one lash onto each client’s own lash.
Traditional eyelash extensions only have up to 100 lashes per eye but with the Russian Layering you can have up to 400 lashes per eye! This gives a fuller look, especially on clients who may not have many lashes of their own!

The lashes used are ultra-fine and are incredibly soft to touch, they are weightless and in our opinion even more comfortable to wear then traditional eyelash extensions making them ideal for clients who have found eyelash extensions uncomfortable before.

The great thing about the Russian Layering technique is that even though they are a little more expensive then traditional full sets of eyelash extensions you can go even longer with your maintenance, because there are so many more lashes you don’t notice as much when some fall so clients out so clients can usually go 3-4 weeks for maintenance as oppose to 1-2 weeks!

The main benefit of Russian Layering if that it gives clients a full, high impact glamorous look with maximum natural looking volume.

**We are offering 20% off Russian Layering through March 2015 with our lash expert Stacey! Usually £85 now only £68! Expires 31.03.15. T&C Apply. **