Friday, 8 April 2011

St Tropez Spray Tan

The sun is finally out and if you’re feeling a bit pale and pasty from months of being hidden under wraps of clothing, why not try a spray tan? It may seem like a bit of a daunting treatment but once you have had one, believe me you will be hooked all summer!
Spray Tanning makes you feel better and makes you look slimmer it can also help camouflage cellulite and stretch marks! With the harmful effect of sun exposure, spray tanning is the safest way to get a healthy glow.  Here are my top tips for the perfect spray tan:
Prior to tan:
  • The week prior to having a spray tan done try and look after your skin by exfoliating and moisturising daily. Your skin often gets drier in the winter months so exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and moisturise to keep your skin soft and smooth.
  • The day of your tan exfoliate your body well focusing on the drier areas. DO NOT moisturise the day of the tan as this could act as a barrier and stop the tan from developing.
  • Bring loose, dark clothing with you for your appointment and loose footwear (flip flops are best). Try and come with your hair up and no make-up or deodorant on.
  • If you can, the evening appointments are best to have your tan so you can just go home and sleep with it on and wash off the next morning after to reveal the new you!
At Your Appointment:
Our therapist will ask you to fill in a consultation card and then take your into our spray tan room. You will then be left to get changed. (We supply you with disposable knickers or you can wear you own) You will be asked to put a hair net on and take off any make-up or deodorant.
The therapists will then moisturise you dry areas where the tan takes more quickly which are the hands, elbows, knees and feet. You will then be asked to stand in the tanning booth and the therapist will spray you with a hand held gun. The tanning application takes just 10 minutes to apply.
Your therapist will check the tan and gently buff it into the skin using a mitt to make sure that it is all even and there are no streaks! You will be then left to get dressed,  the tan dries instantly however it is recommended to wear loose clothes and avoid putting a bra back on.
Aftercare Advice:
Your tan will develop over 8-10 hours, it is recommended to not wash it off until it had completely developed. It is best to sleep in your tan over night and wash off the next morning. You may find it will rub off slightly on your sheets, this is the excess tan coming off. The tan is completely washable and should not stain your sheets or any clothing. When you wash your tan off in the shower, you will see the excess tan coming off and you will be left with a lovely, healthy looking tan!
Gently pat yourself dry with a towel when getting out of the shower and moiserise daily to help pro long your tan! Your tan will last for 5-7 days but will look its best for the first 3 days, after this it will gradually start to fade. It is recommended to gently exfoliate your skin everyday so when the tan does fade, it fades evenly and you’re not left with any patches.
St Tropez Spray Tan only £25 at La Belle.
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