Thursday, 13 February 2014

HD Brows

HD Brows have finally arrived at La Belle! Kayla, Natasha & Stacey from my la belle team have now trained in HD brows and went up to the Hd Brows training academy based at Milton Keynes to do a two day intense course.  So intense that they all had one-to-one training with a HD master and literally came away saying the course was so intense they were dreaming eyebrows in their sleep!

So what are HD brows? And what is difference between HD brows and just a normal eyebrow wax and tint? Lots of clients keep asking me these questions so I thought I had better do a blog to explain…

First thing first the HD brows are A LOT more than a bog standard eyebrow wax and tint! HD brows are all about the HD experience and are a complete bespoke treatment to suit you. When you have a HD brow treatment your eyebrows go on a bit of an eyebrow journey! A bit like being at the hairdressers apart from your having your eyebrows done!

 First of all you have a thorough consultation where your therapist will go through pictures of what colour and shape eyebrows you like, and then based on your requirements will tailor make a tint to suit you. Next your HD therapist will measure your eyebrows and draw the shape you need to achieve.

If you have been over plucking and have regrowth to do you may need to go onto the HD regrowth programme, basically you have some growing to do!  Using the HD specialist products and having your HD brows done regularly we can help your achieve this. It’s important to realise you may not get the perfect shape after your first treatment however we can show you how to correct this with the HD specialist products!

Next we use the HD wax, HD threading technique and also pluck and trim the eyebrows into shape. The key to this treatment is precision and the eyebrows have a completely tapered line with a hair not out of place.

To complete the HD treatment we use the HD mineral powder to cover any redness and use the HD specialist make-up to complete the eyebrows and fill in any gaps that you have over plucked and need to grow. The HD make-up is like no other and we even draw tiny hair strokes with the HD pencil for a completely natural look.

 There is a real urban myth with HD brows that they are very dark, and fake looking, however this is not the case at all, we can still do a highly defined brow but still keep it natural looking as well!

The whole HD brow experience takes around an hour and takes place in a chair at the front of the salon. HD brows last between 3-6 weeks. A patch test is required 48 hours prior to the treatment. Please pop into the salon to have your patch test done or to pick up a patch test kit. (If required we can post this to you)

Introductory Offer…HD brows only £30!